"A family-run travel agency based in Romiley, Cheshire, S&N Pickford's friendly approach and impeccable attention to detail means we can take all of the hard work out of planning your corporate travel."

Many things have changed in the world since S&N Pickford first opened its doors some 80 years ago, but the company's commitment to providing an exemplary service to all of its clients remains as strong as ever.

Originally a general store selling baked goods, sweets, and tobacco, owners Sam and Nellie Pickford spotted a growing fashion for day trips to the seaside and countryside during the 1930s. Thanks to their efficient, attentive service, the sideline in travel became increasingly popular, truly blossoming during the 1950s and 60s when a week's holiday abroad became affordable for the average family.

After becoming a limited company in 1962, day-to-day running of the business passed to Sam and Nellie's daughter Marjorie, and her husband Ian, who renamed it S&N Pickford, in honour of Sam and Nellie, who had first seen the potential of travel sales.

In 1969 Marjorie and Ian were joined by daughter Alison and son-in-law Alan, who worked alongside them until their retirement in 1990. Over that period, the company evolved from selling package holidays to specialising in complex, tailor-made itineraries and business travel. Alison and Alan continue to run the family business and were joined by youngest daughter Zara in 2008. They are accompanied by a loyal team of staff, who are dedicated to providing the highest standards to their clients.

As well as offering business travel, we have our own leisure travel department and tour operator. To plan your ideal holiday visit Travel Your Way, or to seek inspiration for a journey to the Middle East, the Indian Ocean, or the Far East, take a look at what Ninety East has to offer.

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